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"What is Mystic Machine? It isn't a band technically, because only one person, John Hohnstein, is behind this creative mastery. It isn't soloist performance either, as it cannot be played by sitting at a piano or strumming a guitar. You could say that the "machine" part is the process John takes his music through, transforming his sounds by stretching, altering and manipulating them into a new product, many layers from the raw sound of it's birth. You could surmise that the "mystic" part of this creative process is the hauntingly beautiful music that emerges when John grabs ahold of it and puts it through his creative "machine". Maybe it's not meant to be dissected. Maybe it's very name, "Mystic Machine", says it all---encouraging the listener to sit back, fall into the mystery, relax and enjoy...
  -Corey Colombin, Serenity Magazine Sept. 1, 2008
John lives on a lake near The Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where he writes, records and produces in his own studio. These as well as  previous Mystic Machine CDs and songs can also be found at  Spotify, Amazon,  iTunes and others.

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When Planets Dream

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